Who We Are

Patrick Solutions is a privately-owned, IT consulting firm specializing in data solutions. Founded in 2000, Patrick Solutions is based in Columbus, OH.

Our specialty is creating solutions to messy data. Clients come to us, unable to accomplish their business goals, because they’re stuck behind their data. We figure out a way to fix their business problem through better application of their data: we consolidate it, scrub it and put it to work for them.

Because of our data expertise, clients often use us for assistance with marketing lists and data cleanup. We can do this work remotely or at a client’s office. Many of our clients entrust us with working directly in their corporate data warehouses.

Beyond list processing and cleanup, our solutions often require the creation of some database and web interface. We have become very skilled at creating “operational” sites. These are websites that get a job done. They are elegant in their effectiveness, but their emphasis is decidedly on the data. Unlike purely marketing sites, we almost always have a big data solution behind our websites. We’ve built these sites for Fortune 500 companies and well as large non-profit organizations.

In addition to data consulting, we own and operate a 1,000 square foot data center in Columbus, Ohio. The data center supports our own operations as well as provides a co-location facility for other data-driven companies.

Patrick Solutions is owned by founder Mike Patrick.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help our customers succeed through better use of data.

While we work in a digital age with modern technologies, we strive to retain old fashioned business values. That means:

  • We value honesty.
  • We want our customers to trust us, even if they never buy anything from us.
  • We stand behind our work.
  • We build loyalty through reliability and competency, not through deceptive gimmicks and contracts.