Patrick Solutions Data Services

For a modern business to run well, it must be able to harness data to its advantage. That’s increasingly difficult as the universe of data expands, but Patrick Solutions can help with the heavy lifting. We have significant experience solving problems for businesses with large data sets.

Companies rely upon us in to augment their data capabilities and give them meaningful access into their data. This enables our customer to finally put their data to work in creative ways.

We remove the barriers caused by poor data and help our customer realize their business goals.

Our Process

1. Collate It

Where do you start? You’re missing key information. You don’t know where to find it. When you get the data, it’s a mess and you don’t know what to do with it. We can identify untapped sources of information and assemble it for you.

2. Scrub It

Now you have the data, but it is a mess. So we unify the data from disparate sources, and consolidate it with your existing data. We normalize it, ensure its integrity, merge it, and purge it. Finally, we analyze, filter, and segment the data in preparation for deployment.

3. Employ It

Let’s put that data to work. It could feed a reporting dashboard that enables you to make critical business decisions, or support a website that interacts with your customers or employees in ways that were impossible before.

4. Measure It

How can you ensure that your project is effective? In many cases that means tracking associated sales activity or key performance metrics. Other times, we use creative methods to look for success in other business objectives.